Nyheter och resultat med EM

Ute i världen görs ständigt nya upptäckter kring tillämpningen av EM. Här samlar vi efterhand forskningslänkar, publicerade artiklar och exempel på hur EM används i olika miljöer. 


United Networks for Earth Environment (U-Net) is an NPO group dedicated to support and do social contribution work applying EM Technology throughout Japan.

U-Net in Edogawa ward had gained popularity in Edogawa district in Tokyo, on project of environmental beautification for the good maintenance of rivers and channels at parks and other 23 locations.

To produce Activated EM・1®, two tanks of 500L had been provided to the Fuji Park service center. 

Eighteen tons per year of Activated EM・1 have been injected into the rivers totaled 98 tons since the year 2008.

Today, sludge has been reduced overall the water bodies in the parks.
In Nakai Park the rivers and streams shown a recovering of the diversity of the living things in the environment and now people can find crabs, shrimps, gobies.
It is also used to keep flowers and plants healthy grown in the garden of the park.

So the Activated EM・1® applied in the channels are contributing to recovering the Arakawa estuary. And today, clams came back to the rivers and people said that this became a fishing spot.  

For further information on the U-Net's activities, click on their official website at:
United Networks for Earth Environment
*Japanese only

In the occasion of the celebration of the EM Distributors Meeting for Middle East and Africa 2014, participants had the chance to visit the largest tomato farm in South Africa, ZZ2. 

ZZ2 also produces large quantities of onions, avocados, apples and pears to local and export markets. 
ZZ2 has been using EM Technology™ in its own eco-agricultural production activities since 2002. 
They produce their own organic EM compost and apply direct to soil to facilitate the biological nutrient cycling.

Manufacture of fermented plant extracts (FPE) from lantana, neem, and wild garlic is used to control nematodes and other insect pests and diseases. 

ZZ2 has reduced almost 100% of chemical fumigation after the application of EM Technology™ as well as gained considerable savings. Further, plant diseases had been controlled and roots have performed a better development.

For further information, please contact our partner in South Africa at:

17 Essenhout Close Modimolle 
0510, South Africa
Mobile: +27-823320370
Email: microzone01@telkomsa.net
Contact: Dr. Jacobus Prinsloo